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Marketing Disclosures





This page is designed to inform users / listeners / readers / viewers / followers (referred to on this page as “you”) of Noisecutter, inclusive of its website and social media accounts (referred to collectively as the “Website”) of how Titan Grey, LLC (the owner and operator of the Website, also referred to as “Titan Grey,” “we” or “us”) engages with other companies and or individuals with respect to advertising and marketing their products or services to you. You should read this page in conjunction with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to gain a full understanding of what we do and what representations we make to you with respect to our content.


Traditional Advertising

What is traditional advertising?

With respect to the internet, newsletters and podcasts, traditional advertising generally takes the form of website banner ads, pop-ups, paid search listings, paid spots, pre-roll / mid-roll / end-roll credits or ad spots, and a variety of other forms or formats.

Does Noisecutter have traditional advertising on it?

Yes. We participate in traditional advertising from time to time as it suits our needs and interests.



What are sponsorships?

As they pertain to us, sponsorships are commercial arrangements wherein a sponsor (alternatively, an advertiser) pays a fee (whether one-time, recurring, incentive-based, or otherwise) or provides assistance in some other way (for example, and without limitation, by providing free equipment, etc.) to us in exchange for certain negotiated mentions, branding, or other denotation that one or more certain items of our content (whether whole issues, episodes, segments, or any other type or part of our content) are “sponsored” or “presented” by the sponsor (exact verbiage may vary).

Sponsorships can sometimes work in conjunction with affiliate marketing, which is discussed below.


Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Certain links on our Website may contain affiliate tracking cookies which track your browsing navigation from our Website to the website or other internet property of a third party retailer. Generally, if you purchase one or more items from such retailer, the retailer (or, in some cases, the maker of the product(s) you have purchased, as applicable) remits to us or our third-party affiliates a fee as consideration for directing you to them. In some cases, a third-party tracking company and its technology (including, without limitation, cookies) are used to facilitate such tracking. For more information on our use of cookies, please review our Cookie Policy.

Does Noisecutter’s affiliate marketing participation cost me anything?

No. Whether you navigate directly to the website or other internet property of a retailer and make a purchase, or you click on an affiliate link from our Website to navigate there in order to make such purchase, the price you pay is exactly the same in either case.

The only difference is that if you use our affiliate links to navigate to the website or other internet property of a retailer in order to make a purchase, we may receive a commission. In this way, your use of our affiliate links is a means of showing support for Noisecutter.

Which affiliate marketing programs does Noisecutter participate in?

We either currently do, or may in the future, participate in affiliate marketing programs with, and may earn sales commission from, the following retailers and affiliate marketing program service providers:

  • Amazon

  • CJ Affiliate

  • Impact

  • Partnerize

  • Pepperjam

  • Rakuten

This list may be updated from time to time as our partnerships change and grow. Please check back often for the most current and up-to-date information.



Please direct all questions about our marketing practices, including this disclosure, to

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